We are passionate about buying land and creating homes

In order to provide the best environment, we will build our own brand of housing to complement the local community. Each and every home needs to be in the right place and designed and built to our high quality specifications. To achieve this we need to find land, design the buildings, obtain planning permission and construct homes. This is often a complicated and difficult process, but we feel it is worthwhile to have the best homes.

So if you believe you have a piece of land that is suitable for development, call us today on 0121 746 3037 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We don’t pressurise you to sell and its a Free appraisal. We will advise whether your land is suitable once we arrange a visit.

If your land is a viable option to build on then we will take a systematic and collaborative approach with you to ensure that your satisfied about the planning permission granted. This will give you peace of mind and re-assure you that what we are building, prior to you selling your land to us.

Once we have established potential for planning permission, we would make you a formal offer for your land. This can normally take up to 4 weeks, but can vary.

As the developer, we have a long-term commitment to each site and the local community, so we are here to work in collaboration with you. We are dedicated to building good homes and being good neighbours, whilst we build and enhance local communities by providing much needed quality homes. We wish to build and maintain good relationships with local residents and organisations. If at any point you have concerns about the works, then we will work with you to ensure that any concerns are addressed.

We are always looking for prominent and visible locations suitable for building new homes and apartments. We are flexible and have long term vision to provide suitable housing.

We are looking for sites in:
a.    Town centres, suburbs and urban sites
b.    Out of town sites that might not be attractive for other uses
c.    Mixed use schemes with other developers

d.    West Midlands region
e.    Development potential for homes and apartment blocks

If you believe you have a site that you think could have potential, get in touch with us on 0121 746 3037 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are helping to address a growing need to increase the amount of high specification homes, as the population is growing, with people not only living longer but also a need for “better quality homes”.


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